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Breakfast FundRAISERS

Mornings at Wise Traditions Conference

JW Marriott Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN 46204, USA

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Event Description

Our attorneys have your back, and now, we've got your breakfast, hot and ready!  

If you are attending the Wise Traditions Conference in Indianapolis, meet us for a hot breakfast each morning.

Download the flyer!

We recommend you get your tickets in advance, as only a limited number of breakfast tickets will be available onsite.

Breakfast on Friday & Saturday is served in the 3rd Floor Grand Ballroom foyer, with comfortable and plentiful seating inside the ballroom. Breakfast on Sunday is a new treat. It will be served curbside by the Caveman Truck, at the Event Center Entrance, 1st Floor Conference Exhibit Area (Event Center Drive) 

  • 7:30 am - 10:00 am  Friday - 3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom
  • 7:00 am -  9:00 am  Saturday -  3rd Floor, Grand Ballroom
  • 7:00 am -  9:00 am  Sunday - 1st Floor - served curbside at the Event Center Entrance Conference Exhibit Area (Event Center Drive) 

The farmers, artisans and friends of the Fund have all provided generous donations and discounts so that we could provide you with a hot breakfast of carefully raised nutrient-dense foods for less than the hotel's Standard American Diet (SAD) breakfast buffet. 


  • FTCLDF Breakfasts (nutrient-dense!) - $12 - $14 donation
  • JW Marriott Breakfast Buffet (so S.A.D!) - $18.95 + tax & tip

Besides being less money, more delicious and nutritious, your donation will support two local entrepreneurs (a small farm and a food truck) - not a big box hotel - and help the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund gather funds for the next year of legal challenges for our dear farmers, buying clubs and artisan food producers!

Here are the menus and ingredients:


This hot breakfast is created by local farmers, Lucinda and Jonathan Gingerich, of Homestead Heritage Farm, and the two selections are repeated each day:

Your Choice of:

Quiche Lorraine with Sprouted Flour Crust and Side of Baked Oatmeal with Hot Herbal Tea (WAPF)                                                

Quiche: pastured eggs, sprouted flour, pastured pork sausage, raw milk cheese and milk from pastured cows, organic spinach and onion, mustard, lard, baking powder, Redmond salt

Baked oatmeal: soaked organic oats, pastured eggs, milk and butter from pastured cows, organic sucanat, organic raisins, cinnamon, Redmond salt, maple syrup


Poached Pastured Eggs with Tomato Sauce with Pastured Maple Pork Sausage on the Side with Hot Herbal Tea (WAPF/GF/CF/GAPS/Paleo)

Poached egg dish: pastured eggs, pastured pork lard, organic onions, bell peppers and tomato sauce, Redmond salt, cumin, coriander, bay leaves, parsley, chili powder

Sausage: pastured pork, Redmond salt, maple syrup

A la Carte Items (available for purchase onsite) include:

Berry Fruit Cup - $4

Hard Boiled Pastured Egg - $2

Baked Soaked Oatmeal (Muffin size) - $4

Pastured Chicken Bone Broth (8 oz) - $5

Whole Milk Yogurt & Greek Yogurt - $4

Vat Pasteurized Whole Grass-fed Milk (8 oz) - $1

Hot Herbal Tea - $2

Whole Organic Fruit - $2

Fixin’s Bar Items include:

Maple syrup, low temp pasteurized organic grass-fed milk, coconut milk, grass-fed butter, honey, Redmond Salt

SUNDAY BREAKFAST by Caveman Food Truck - $12.00

This hot breakfast is provided by a local food truck vendor, Shelby Malaterre, and features the highest quality, nutrient dense, local ingredients:

Fenceline  Farms Organic Pastured Egg and Local Farms Harvest  Pastured Pork Sausage atop Organic Sweet Potato Shreds Cooked in Green Pasture Products Blue Breeze Organic Virgin Coconut Oil with Hot Chicory Chai Beverage on the side (WAPF/GF/CF/GAPS/Paleo)

Ingredients:  organic sweet potato, coconut oil, Indiana raised pork and eggs, pepper, sage, Celtic Sea Salt

Hot Chicory Chai: Rooibos, Tulsi, Chicory, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Maca

A limited number of breakfast tickets will be available on site. Please donate early to make sure there's a hot breakfast waiting for you each morning!

 -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund was created to defend the rights and broaden the freedoms of family farms and artisan producers and protect consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods. With the help of members, donors and FundRAISER guests like you, we can do that and more!


Cancellation/Refund Information

Life happens, we know! If you need to cancel your tickets, please send an email to before October 24, 2014 to be eligible for a refund, less a $5.00 administrative fee. After that time, no refunds are possible. If you need to cancel during the two weeks prior to the event, we encourage you to give your tickets to someone else to use.

It's important to note that MEAL TICKETS CAN ONLY BE USED FOR THE DAY LISTED ON THE TICKET and not exchanged for use another day.  Because we are working with a small family farm caterer and food truck entrepreneur, we need to guarantee and pay for the meals in advance.  Thank you for your help in this regard.


Liability/Photography/Video Waiver

By registering and attending Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund events, you agree and acknowledge that you are participating in the events and activities of your own free and intentional will. You acknowledge this freely and knowingly and that you are, as a result, able to participate in said events and hereby assume responsibility for your own well-being. This acknowledgement includes your guest(s) participation in the events.


The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund plans to take photographs during the 2014 events and reproduce them in educational, news, or promotional material, whether in print, electronic or other media, including the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund website and Food Rights News. By participating in the event, you grant the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund the right to use your name and photograph for such purposes. All postings are property of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund.

Map of Event Location
November 7th, 2014  7:30 amNovember 9th, 2014  9:00 am